Nibs Spectrum

NIBS Spectrum provides you with a wealth of tools and support for your business, enabling you to grow and develop your business goals. As a Cunbar customer you would have access to all of these tools and resources.

It is the leading business solutions programme in the automotive industry and has been designed to deliver key solutions quickly and easily to its members in the following key areas:

Training Solutions
Innovative training solutions that have never been seen before in our industry to assist you in the development of your overall strategic business plan.

Business Support
Dynamic and innovative business support tools which have been developed especially for the automotive market.

An industry leading marketing programme providing a suite of solutions aimed at all budgets, with the very latest in 3D creative design.

NGage allows members to communicate with one another through modern media channels and offers reward opportunities for members to offer to their employees and customers.

Technical Queries

Our technical support team are on hand Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm.